Get into the flow
Creating flow is quadratically more complex than just the in- and outflow of goods. Anyone who has stepped into flow knows how much impact this has on the entire operation. All parts of business, from sales and forecasting to purchasing, need to up their game in professionalism. However, the profits are so great that nobody who achieved flow in their production and operations wants to turn back the clock. 

Valor helps you create this flow. Our advice is to start with subprocesses with a low risk of damage. Often, these are located at the start of the chain, where the organization has not yet added much value. Sometimes, we will advise to immediately address a bottleneck. Either way, it is good to work with people with years of experience in these kinds of situations. 
Thanks to its relatively modest investment, a Valor Qliqflow solution is an easy first step into flow. Its modular design makes it possible to adapt and optimize it without expensive redesign and construction costs. 

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