Setting up a new production line within weeks is finally possible. Valor adds a new dimension to the current range of logistical solutions. Modular, flexible and for lease. With Valor Qliqflow [tm], what seemed unaffordable or impossible is finally within reach. 

Now more than ever, production and logistics determine the success of an enterprise or business model. If you look back on the previous year, you’ll see that more has changed than you would have thought possible a year ago. Often, small changes had the biggest impact. Production and logistics companies are continuously refining processes and procedures to stay competitive. In this industry, the founders of Valor have made their names by optimizing logistical processes and designing and delivering highly advanced material handling systems.

The world of today is significantly different than it was ten years ago. Payback periods are becoming shorter and the need for flexibility is higher than ever. Valor has an unprecedented solution to today’s logistical challenges. Thanks to a unique, patented system, Valor is able to implement material handling systems quickly and make them fully operational in only a few weeks. Part of our secret is standardization. 
The Qliqflow system is truly unique, allowing us to offer leases on material handling systems for the first time. Well done, Valor!
Marc Backus, account mgr MKB Rabobank