The beaten path
Too often, logistical specialists such as 3PLs, cross-dock operations and package delivery services choose familiar solutions. ‘More hands’ or ‘an additional dock’ are obvious ways to expand capacity. Investing in a professional material handling system seems like too big a step, or a potential burden. 

Years of experience in developing and delivering highly advanced transport systems has now come together in a powerful, effective solution. Valor Qliqflow [tm] uses standardized modules, making it possible to put together a material handling system that meets the most frequent requests and requirements in a remarkably short time. 

The core
Together with our customers, Valor searches for the core requirements. What is actually necessary? Our focus on standardization and ‘back to basic’ delivers surprisingly cost-effective systems. This skill of staying true to what’s important saves you time and money. Valor’s solutions and systems seamlessly meet most requirements and achieve short payback periods.

Our unique approach with patented Qliqflow modules makes it possible to reuse all components. For a new configuration on the same site, for instance, but also for reconfiguration elsewhere. Because of this, Valor is the first in the industry to offer lease contracts on completed systems. Never before has it been so quick, easy and affordable to professionalize your logistics. Thinking in terms of ‘more hands’ has truly become obsolete. We would be happy to do the calculations for you. Contact us today!

Financial accolades
Which other material handling provider can tell you that banks such as the Rabobank are ready to help you with financing? If desired, Valor can introduce you to the right financing intermediary.